Home Outdoor Maintenance Schedule for Warm Weather

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Maintaining curb appeal, not to mention a safe, comfortable and energy-efficient home can be overwhelming. It does take a lot of work, so I like to split the outdoor tasks up throughout the warmer months to make it feel a little less daunting. And this way, I stay motivated throughout the spring, summer, and fall to continue the upkeep that makes my home look its best.

To help you remember which of your outdoor spaces needs attention and when, here’s a checklist for you to print out and post up on the fridge or in a handy spot in the garage.

Home Outdoor Maintenance Checklist

  • Year Round
    • Make note of stains, cracks, warping, rotting, crumbling and peeling of home exterior and foundation – consult an inspector if necessary.
  • March
    • Perform lawn mower maintenance – either at home or by a professional
    • Clean gutters
    • Check chimney for leaning
    • Check exterior drainage – make sure water flows away from the house and does not stand for more than 24 hours
  • April
    • Pressure wash deck, apply preservative sealer
    • Repair and paint or stain wooden fixtures (deck, patio, fence, pergola, etc.)
    • Fertilize grass, consider aerating the lawn
    • Prepare sprinkler system, make any necessary adjustments or repairs
  • May
    • Clean and patch outdoor furniture
    • Consider having your air conditioner serviced
    • Clean out window wells
    • Plant annuals and perennials
    • Wash outside of windows
  • June
  • July
    • Touch up cracked and peeling paint
    • Power wash home exterior with pressure washer wand
    • Inspect windows and doors for leaks
  • August
    • Clean gutters
    • Repair roof damages and leaks
    • Replace broken or missing shingles
  • September
    • Shut off, clean and cover air conditioning unit
    • Rake leaves and dispose of mulch
    • Trim tree branches and shrubs
  • October
    • Clean out annual plants, winterize perennials
    • Turn off sprinklers and disconnect hoses before the first freeze
    • Perform Snowblower maintenance – either at home or by a professional
    • Prepare for winter lawn mower storage
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