Hire an Electrician, Avoid Potential Hazards of DIY Electrical Work

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Falls, poisoning, suffocation, and drowning are among the common household injuries that account for more than 20 million accident-related medical visits in the United States each year. It’s understandable to want to reduce the risk of experiencing a fall by adding more lights or putting in a new outlet here and there for lamps. However, such DIY electrical work can also be the source of an unintended accident.

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Electrical Dangers in Your Home

Since electricity is always running somewhere in your home, there’s always some degree of danger if you’re not cautious. Fortunately, trained electricians know how to reduce these dangers with precautions like a ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI). Potential home electrical dangers include:

• Frayed or worn electrical wires
• Overuse of extension cords
• Faulty wiring or circuitry

Risks of DIY Electrical Fixes

One of the greatest potential risk of DIY fixes is the possibility of accidentally starting an electrical fire from an overloaded circuit, which may not be noticeable until the overheating sparks a fire within a wall. Some other potential DIY electrical risks include:

• Electrocution from touching the wrong wires together
• Reduced home value from poor electrical installations
• Expensive repairs from damage caused by mistakes

Why Hire a Professional

Electricians know how to take the necessary precautions when performing repairs or installing new wiring. Code violations alone, as well as working without the proper permits could be costly. Electricians are up-to-date on industry standards and codes as well as permit requirements. They also have access to the right supplies and tools.

Avoid unnecessary risks by hiring a licensed and experienced electrician to do any electrical work around your home. A licensed electrician also knows how to spot potential issues that should be addressed sooner rather than later, further enhancing your overall savings.

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