An Expert Electrician’s Advice on How to Take Care of Home Appliances

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Electrical appliances are designed to make life more convenient. However, as your home starts to accumulate more of these modern-day conveniences, be aware that they can pose certain risks to life and property when not well-cared for. Any electrical appliance can potentially cause an electric shock or start a fire, so understanding your equipment can help you keep your property and family safe. Below are some of the electrical dangers you need to be aware of in your home every day.

Poor and Defective Cords

The electric cords on your appliances, of course, carry the electricity from the outlet to the appliance. The heavy insulation on the outside of these cords is there to prevent any damage or injury that would be caused by outside contact with the wire. Poor quality, defective or damaged cords are extremely hazardous, so always check the cords on your electrical appliances before using them, especially if you’ve kept them stored away for a long time.

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Power Outlets Near Water Sources

Bathrooms, kitchens, and other living spaces with a water source should have their power outlets a good distance away from where they have the least chances of getting wet. Additionally, most modern electrical codes require that outlets in wet areas are outfitted with what is known as ground fault circuit interrupt, or GFCI. These devices further reduce the chance of you or your family members suffering a serious shock or electrocution.

Overloaded Circuits

While overloaded circuits may not be an immediate fire hazard, they can seriously disrupt the daily routine in the home. Imagine that the oven stops working an hour before dinner, or your garage door not opening preventing you from driving your car to work. If problems like these become frequent, it’s highly recommended that you have your entire electrical system checked to identify the cause of the problem.

For your safety, it’s always a good idea to arrange for a certified and licensed electrician to evaluate your home’s electrical system to know if any item needs an upgrade or replacement. Electricians are qualified because of their vast knowledge and experience in handling all sorts of electrical issues. They also have the correct tools for troubleshooting electrical systems of all kinds. Using the right tool can prevent mistakes that can lead to a fire.


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