Prevent False Alarms from a Smoke Detector, Says a Local Electrician

Electrical Experts

Imagine this: you suddenly hear the smoke detector go off, only to discover that it’s a false alarm. It could happen to everyone at least once, though it can nevertheless be embarrassing.

False alarms can happen to any type of smoke detectors. Ionization smoke detectors tend to be sensitive to smaller particles, while photoelectric smoke detectors might misinterpret the light reflected from large airborne particles. With this in mind, there are simple ways to prevent false alarms in the near future.

Smoke detector

Regular Cleaning

Most problems with smoke detectors are caused by common household dust. Keep in mind that dust particles can still accumulate, no matter how clean you think your home is. That’s why you should regularly clean your smoke detector. Experts recommend using either a standard vacuum cleaner or canned air to remove accumulated dust from these smoke detectors.

Ideally, you should clean the detector at the same time as battery changes or scheduled testing.

Replacing Batteries

As mentioned earlier, the batteries in your smoke detector should be replaced, especially when it begins chirping. Ideally, however, you should schedule an annual battery changes for all of your smoke detectors in your home.

Test on a Regular Basis

Electricians also recommend testing all of your smoke detectors regularly with the “Test” button. Should the unit fail, consider replacing the batteries or replace the unit altogether. Be wary of smoke detectors that won’t reset after testing, as it can be a sign of a unit that’s nearly on the end of its service life.

Proper Installation is Key

More importantly, false alarms can be avoided if your smoke detectors are installed correctly in the first place. Smoke detectors can be placed anywhere in your home, except on spots near the kitchen, garage, and bathrooms with a shower. To make the most out of your smoke detectors, only have certified electricians install them in your home.

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