Get Help From An Electrician Immediately If You Spot These Problems

Electrical Experts

Electrical problems are surprisingly prevalent across the country. As much as 45,210 home structure fires due to an electrical failure or malfunction occurred in the U.S. from 2010 to 2014. These fires lead to an annual average of 1,370 civilian injuries. Some victims managed to recover from their injuries in just a few weeks, but others were not so lucky.

The consequences of improper home electrical maintenance are real. It’s best to take a more proactive approach by getting your electrical system checked by professionals regularly in order to avoid them. Here are some signs that indicate you need to call an electrician to your home as soon as possible.

Flickering LightsElectrician

Have you noticed a slight flicker of the lights as you switch on an appliance? This may indicate an overloaded electrical circuit. What this means is there’s not enough power to supply both the lights and the appliance in a single electrical circuit. Overloading happens when certain appliances draw too much current. To solve this, they will need to have its own power supply circuit.

Electrical Shocks

There’s probably a short circuit on your electrical system if you feel a nasty electrical shock after plugging in a device or flipping a switch. Your electrical wiring may have lost its insulation or have become frayed due to normal wear and tear. Call for assistance immediately if you experience an electric shock.

Discolored Or Charred Electrical Outlets And Switches

Discoloration around your outlets or switches could indicate that there was a small fire behind your light switch or outlet. Old electrical outlets can short circuit and cause a small spark. Another possibility is a loose wire in the outlet that may have caused a spark in the junction box and resulted in an arcing. As a result, you may see some burn marks.

Buzzing Sound

A buzzing sound coming from a light switch or electrical outlet in the home is an indication that there is a loose connection or that wiring had gone loose. It could also mean that your electrical wiring is already burnt or corroded.

Heat Around Ceiling Light Fixtures

Warm ceiling light fixtures may be an indication that your fixtures are not well insulated. To fix this, the electrician can insulate the areas around the fixtures or you can also replace the fixtures altogether.

Take note of all these signs and call an electrician right away if you spot them in your own home. Problems like these must get fixed as soon as possible before the problem gets much worse and more expensive.

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