How Can You Stay Safe from Electrical Hazards During a Storm?


Severe storms can be unpredictable and dangerous, so it's crucial to stay prepared and know how to keep yourself and your loved ones safe. By following these tips and staying vigilant, you can help ensure that you and your loved ones stay far from danger during and after any storm.

6 Tips to Stay Safe During a Storm

1. Assemble a Kit of Essentials

Before a storm hits, it's crucial to make sure you have a kit of essentials ready. In an emergency situation, having the proper supplies can make all the difference. Your kit should be easily accessible and include items such as:

  • Batteries
  • Flashlights
  • First aid kit
  • Water
  • Non-perishable food

When it comes to storms, it's always best to be prepared for the unexpected. provides a comprehensive list of recommended items to include in your storm preparation kit. Taking the time to gather these items and having them readily accessible can help ease your worries in a storm.

2. Seek Shelter

Lightning is a potential danger during thunderstorms as it can travel up to 10 to 12 miles away from the storm. When you hear thunder, it's best to seek shelter immediately as lightning can strike without warning. Staying indoors is the safest option, but if you're outside, avoid trees, metal, bodies of water, and seek shelter in a sturdy building or vehicle.

3. Switch Off Lights

In the event that your power goes out, it's important to switch off all lights, large electronics, and appliances to prevent overloading circuits and damaging your belongings when power is restored.

When power returns, the surge could damage sensitive equipment such as TVs, computers, tablets, and more. In addition, if all of your appliances turn on at the same time when power returns, this could trip your breakers.

4. Avoid Electronic Equipment

When a storm strikes, the safest place to be is inside. However, it's important to take a few precautions to ensure your safety even when you're indoors.

  • Avoid using electrical appliances or cords during a thunderstorm to reduce the risk of electrocution.
  • Stay away from windows and exterior doors as they can become dangerous if hit by flying debris or shattered by strong winds.
  • Avoid contact with water and plumbing such as faucets, sinks, and baths.

By taking these basic precautions, you can stay safe and minimize the risks associated with storms.

5. Stay Away from Downed Power Lines

After a storm, it's important to be extra cautious when venturing outside. Downed power lines can pose a serious threat, as can debris hiding electrical hazards. Always assume that any dangling wires you come across are energized and dangerous and warn others to stay away while you contact the electric utility.

If you happen to come across someone in direct or indirect contact with downed power lines, do not touch them. Instead, dial 911 immediately for help.

Knowing the steps to stay safe during a storm is crucial, and the same goes for after it passes. If you're experiencing any electrical issues such as buzzing sounds or sparking outlets afterwards, don't hesitate to reach out to Electrical Experts for help. Our team of expert electricians can assess the situation and provide a solution to keep you and your family safe.

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