The Importance of Smoke Detectors for Homes, According to Electricians

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A fire can break out at any time whether you’re at home or not. In fact, no appliances or other items may be in operation, but a fire can begin with just an electrical short in the wall. Smoke detectors are your best defense against fires and potential injuries. Consider the importance of these devices in your home.

Smoke creeping towards smoke detector

Your Eyes and Ears at Home

Smoke detectors are the eyes and ears of your home when it comes to fire prevention. A fire might break out when you’re away or asleep. The detector uses advanced technology to sense smoke and alert you when levels reach a critical state. With an early notification about a fire, you can use an extinguisher on it or evacuate. In either situation, however, a call to the fire department is a wise course of action.

Main Types of Smoke Detectors

There are two main types of smoke detectors. They’re referred to as photoelectric or ionization types. A fire that breaks out very quickly, such as in the kitchen, requires a detector with a rapid, sensing device. In this case, an ionization detector is a perfect protective device. Slow-moving fires throughout the rest of the home will benefit from a photoelectric detector. It has a better sensing ability for smoldering situations.

An electrician can help with a fire-alarm installation in several ways. Many models are hard-wired into the home’s main electrical system. You’ll never have to worry about dead batteries in the units. Electricians can also connect each detector to others within the home. If one detector is set off, the remaining ones will notify you too. Knowing that there’s a fire in another part of the house allows you to get to safety faster than without an interconnected system.

Test your smoke detector at least once a month. There’s a simple button on the outside of the housing that indicates the test sequence. Replace the batteries when the siren’s pitch is weakening. The next time that the siren rings, it might be for an emergency.


Types of Smoke Alarms

Installing and maintaining smoke alarms

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