Safer for Kids: Trust an Electrician to Help in Kid-Proofing Your Home

Electrical Experts

You might have a newborn or toddler roaming around the house so a safe household is critical for their health. From picking up items that can choke young children to vacuuming up the pet’s dander, these safety precautions should also be coupled with electrical-outlet awareness. Take a look at the dangers posed by these outlets and what you can do about it.

Naturally Curious

Young children are curious about every aspect of their environments. They mainly explore with their hands and mouths. When they see an electrical outlet, it offers three to six holes with numerous possibilities. Children might touch the holes with their fingers or find objects to use instead. Both of these scenarios create a dangerous situation where the child can be injured.

Inserting a plug into an outlet

Child-Proofing Electricals

In the past, parents were told to place plastic caps over the outlets. The caps filled the holes and made it difficult for babies to touch the electrical components. However, older children can pull the caps off. Parents should install tamper-resistant outlets that have a sliding window across each opening. These windows are easily accessed by the parents, but they outsmart both babies and toddlers.

Help from Electricians

Electricians are instrumental in the safety of your children. Hiring a reputable electrician allows you to have every outlet switched out in the home. Their expertise makes the job streamlined and accurate with each outlet’s removal and replacement. You can always ask the electrician to reinstall the original outlets when the children are older. As a result, no shorts or other electrical issues will be part of your household.

Your electrician might also advise you to hide, coil or rearrange your electrical cords that are exposed to children’s pathways. They might trip or play with the wires. Although they may be several feet away from the outlet itself, the wires can still offer a shock that might be serious.


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