Electricians Explain Electrical Fires and How You Should Deal with One

Electrical Experts

Electrical fires are dangerous and frightening situations that can cause the loss of valuable property or even your entire home. These emergencies occur when electrical wires become too hot or short out. The fire can be within a wall or at the outlet itself. Once a fire starts, your home can very quickly be in big trouble.

How Electrical Fires are Different

Electrical fires are often worse than typical fires because they can occur at a rapid pace with no notice. You might turn on the toaster, and the wall seems to burst with heat and light. These fires don’t remain in one place, either. They can travel along the wire and even connect into other junctions. Turning off the power and immediately extinguishing the fire is the best way to stop any more damages.

Burnt electrical outlet

Avoiding Electrical Fires

Making your home electrically fire-proof requires both your diligence and a professional’s help. The home should be checked for faulty or old wiring. Aluminum wiring from several decades ago may still be in the walls. It can break down and cause a fire. Old wiring may have worn insulation, which also contributes to fires. An electrician can update these systems for a safer household than before.

Your trusted electrician is a perfect resource to keep your home safe from electrical fires. Make an appointment so that they can test your electrical panel in order to verify if any shorts have been created. Age, time and improper electrical use can all contribute to electrical issues that lead to fires. The electrician also works in each room and tests the outlets. Every room can be made safe with a professional’s touch.

Regular Inspections

Ideally, hire an electrician to visit your home once each year. This is especially important if you had new electronics or electrical devices around the house, such as stereo or television systems, that use a significant amount of power and therefore might require some rewiring. Avoid any overloads within the home by following the electrician’s directions. The tips could save a life.


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